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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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requirements. the project is locked on van ness between 31st and a thuth zoning district. commissioners the proposed project seeks to establish a housing unit since the late 1990s that are in great needs of housing. it's geared toward the lgbt community. the project proposes to upgrade in part and add restroom facilities. it meets all the planning policies and codes. commissioners the department has received much public input in opposition to the project. there's been two stated letters
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and phenomenon conversations concerns about intense if i had concerns. there's many letters of supports sent them geared to the lgbt community given safety concerns and the significant numbers among the homeless population. since the submission i've received a number of letters in support i'd like to provided those to you and i believe those were 50e78d to you but i'd like to give you physical copies. the staff recommendation the proposal and i'm here for questions >> project sponsor loophole.
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>> supervisors. >> thank you very much good afternoon, commissioners thank you for your time. i'm david campos and i represent district 9 the location where this proposed change is happening. the happened about three years ago when we were approached pointing out issues in the way that homeless lgbt folks were being treated and how many of them felt unsafe in the shelters increase the city. we're proud of the fact we have a strong safety net in san francisco the hearing was an
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you have an entire city first name that's been working on this proposal. i don't think we would be here as quibble even though it's taken some time without my staff who will proceed me but ever in the officer who come in and make sure we put this project together as quick as we can. i want to thank the community center. they've been running the shelter we're proposing to expand by 23
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beds. they've proved to be the center who provides services but has a great relationship with the surrounding community and they reach anti to the neighborhood to make sure the concerns of every resident are addressed. jenny who has been instrumental in pointing out this issue and others who have been at the forefront of making sure we at city government understand the migrate of the lgbt folks. i want to thank the people who have volunteered their time to process this project. one gentleman who used his expertise and one of our staff
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who's done a great service and paul and the entire construction company that have donated their labor. i especially want to thank the members of the community who have worked with us and hearing out the reasons for the project and trying to identify some of the concerns. i want to thank the homeless men and women who have testified at the board who have coverage and been encourages enough to do that. one of the things we wanted to make sure was that in expanding the exit shelter we didn't create any additional problems in that neighborhood. one of the issues that was
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brought up is that somehow the economist shelter was creating problems at the nearby park. we weren't sure that was a legitimate concern but we wanted to fully explore that. we met with the police department and we actually went out there and talked to the residents to have a better understanding of whether there was a collaboration and some of the issues at the park. i can safely and objectively say that while tyler issues we're addressing they're separate and apart from anything that's happening at the shelter. we take those issues seriously and we're working with the
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police department and other individuals who are the
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so we do have to make sure we address the needs of every homeless folks. that's what this shelter t is about. it's the first step. i'm proud to be involved and i ask for your full support. i turn it over to my colleague >> good afternoon and great to see everyone. david was an incredible colleague to me on the board. i'm here on behalf of the mayor to express my strong support.
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if you could invite 1040 i would see it is a multiple purchase building and you have coney ford with the national union there. people aren't isolated and people can coexist successfully. we're happy that others are coming in. there's been a real coming together. as david shared the numbers of homeless count were different. for the first time we had a youth count ix hundred plus young adults and for the first time we ask if people identified on sexual orientation and 26 percent said their members of
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the lgbt community. today's project is a very important project for 23 beds. we have to look at this and how we're priorityizeing our approach and responseness that were i'm pleased that barbara and trent is here and have commented to themselves to work and see our systems where are we not doing the jobs. and we've been successful in reducing the chronic homeless on our street. we've had a thirty percent reduction in homeless veterans from 17 percent of our veteran homeless population down to 11 percent. the community has embraced this project and we've had a lot of
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fundraisers they all got together. and in order to be successful we need to engage everyone in our community. we can't lock people up we've pushed people around for two along. a there's definitely some different things and this is number one on my list. we're excited to move forward once we get our approval. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners and staff. ilene. i can't tell you how honored we are to be involved. this is 24 beds for lgbt homeless difficulties targeted for those who have been under
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targeted. i want to make sure i recognize mr. sanchez who did a aspire job. mr. sanchez was able to move this to your calendar in 3 months. i want to give a brief overview of the project. we've got 57 business of male adult shelter. we're adding within the same building 24 beds targeted for lgbt folks. the hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and dole's of the street arthur services about talk about the operations so you'll get a better feel. first floor fro the land as you standpoint there are no
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conflicts with the existing uses because we've got a childcare and a church use that occur during the day and we've got a building this houses a union office and a child service facility as well as the church. those uses don't conflict with very limited conflict. the other issue is significant is the site is set back from the street and also from the rear. you've got a large site almost 24 feet and people working and living in the neighborhoods are unlikely aware of the homeless shelter because a lot of the it's happens after work. we're asking you for the
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entitlement. the rear yard entitlement configuration is not - there is a court yard that will be used by the folks. there are 5 homeless shefrments in resident district that don't have the open space. and another requirement is bicycle parking but we'd be obliged to get bikes. they really need storage and safety and protection. those those reasons we ask you grant the entitlements on bike parking. i want to turn it over to my colleague. >> good afternoon. i'm marilyn i'm the director of the homeless shelter project.
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i think it's worth reiterating that 25 percent of the homeless are from the lgbt community. i think more needs to be done. i hope that delores street can improve that situation. i think homeless folks the risks are greater. long those lines we do our best to provide a safe alternative to the folks. we hope to increase this to 81 folks per night. i think it's worth sharing that people leave 7:00 a.m. in the morning they're either going to work or looking for work.
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i believe that unknowingly all the community enacts with the homeless and don't know it. this program offers a significant benefit. all people benefit. we've been at this location for over a decade approaching 15 years. we've got partnerships and those have welcomed the lgbt communities and they've been providing those services and we've partnered them. our immigrant groups have helped the lgbt community. while this project has been developed we've been recruiting
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within those lgbt homeless folks. our daily operations are as minimally intrusive to the neighborhood. people enter by 7 in the evening and we put up barriers not to obstruct the sidewalks. those recessed escalations are off-site so - our staff received specialized training in the lgbt community. we have two case managers that take care of housing. they invite the shelter on various evening and they also go during the day.
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because we try to provide eeflt places for people to go throughout the day and restrooms and a place to rest. over the last couple of years we've met with the lgbt community center and varies advocates as well. we're learning from the community in order to serve the community we need to have a great effort. we welcome advise and suggestions. i want to acknowledge the work of the staff. with the remanding time i want to hand the microphone over the my colleague. thank you for your time and a thank you >> good afternoon. i'm scott i'm the manager of adult programs in the housing and
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homeless program within the facility. delores agency has been a long time partner in our sthefrlt system and we've been proud to have them as a provider to the homeless community. this project which we request our support provides us with the ability to get more homeless shelter beds. what i'm here to increase score the shelter is a part of a larger system in the city to serve the homeless community so beyond the shelter off-site reservations there's resources centers for people who need services we have food stamps. we're excited to look forward to
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the expansion of the medi-cal access. i want to increase score the funding for the ongoing operations of the site are in the budget so we're using this opportunity to grow our system within the footprint of the system since it's hard to find places to expand. this program offers us a unique opportunity. our shelter are open to everybody but the same challenges of people who don't accept people as themselves and therefore providing a unique space where we can explore specialized programs specialized to the lgbt community. we see this as not only an
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opportunity for the 24 beds but to expand how we operate to be more increasing more welcome to all who are homeless in san francisco. we urge your support >> thank you. >> opening it up for public comment. matthew green. (calling names) if you want to line up on your right side of the room would be good (calling names) >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm matthew. i'm here today speaking in support of this application.
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at 1050 in the mission. while working with the work group that was facilitated by the mayor's office of hope the parental need yet arose and that's expanding our 11 hundred and 35 adult beds. i'm on the committee and help to inspect our homeless shelter by anything that i say today doesn't reflect my companies opinion. we have 25 percent identified as lgbt and this is a significant under count since that's a sensitive issue to reveal.
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our general population and our transgender residents are sprinkled insprinkled variesly within our shelter. arising from the circumstances of an apparent node for the homeless population to access the she felt. and non-threatening based on non-gender or sexual orientation. and a anymore general point of view their recommendations were record there's been already so much said about the merit of the application for conditional use so i'll cut short my comments
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and simply state this is a modesty application. there's been very few objections from neighborhood residents. we've had long go well advertised forums and they've been restated and being resolved. the effort by dlols really helped me to its far more than a gesture. this is a beacon and a magnet and other areas to seek safety and way - >> thank you your time is up.
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>> thank you very much commissioners. >> thank you. next speaker, please . i'm tommy i'm with the housing rights community. i've been a advocate for the lgbt community for years now. i got involved in the late 90s first year in the castro where i was working we say a rise in homeless and many of us came together and set up winter shelter and one lasted for 2 1/2 years. there's been no negative impact but the negative impact in the 2 1/2 shelter we've helped people going get into ged programs and a lot of people have turned
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their lives around. i got involved with this current effort because i work with the housing programs we suddenly were seeing a lot of lgbt folks coming into our office and talking about their experiences in the shelter and talking about sleeping in golden gate park and other places because they preferred that to risking sleeping in a shelter. i think the moment i realized i needed to do something when a young latino male and the whole side of his face was bruised and he was telling me in spanish how he had been beaten in a shelter because he, he he was gay and he begged me to get him a place to stay. it was the moment when i
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realized i had to do something that was a my responsibility as a gay man to do something about this situation and it was shortly that we came together. i ask you please past this proposal and you'll be helping to save and change a lot of people's lives for the better. thank you >> thank you. >> hi good afternoon jennifer executive director on the coalition for the homeless. we're really, really excited about this project moving forward. the coalition on homelessness years ago started to get involved when we did some primary research in homeless he shelter to document the
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experience. when you think about the shelter it's a congregate living experience to everything that happens outside the bigotry and other things are reflected from a spaceless people are living. those are the temporary homes but, of course, we're surround by strangers and we found for example, when we did this survey that the transgender population was experiencing physical abuse and harassment at 3 times the rate of other shelter residents. a popcorn who's also done those surveys might have i do some interviews that were really upsetting in terms of what people are experiencing simply to rest their heads.
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and, of course, outside the shelter the health deteriorates. everything gets worse you get a small infection or a cold and it turns into phenomena. i think that san francisco is san francisco, you know, we're a gay town. we're supposed to be craig's and we have a huge population without housing and they don't have a place to go or live. we've been working on this looked like we're really, really excited about this. our experience with delores street is great. we create a


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